FitRanX is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system used for gauging individuals fitness levels.

 It works through fun and exciting fitness tests to literally get you to the next level of fitness.

There are 8 levels with 3 different age brackets (16-35, 36-55, and 56+) so no matter what your age or fitness level, you can be a part of this.

So in order for you to progress from one level to the next, you will participate in a super cool fitness test. Each test includes a STRENGTH portion as well as a CONDITIONING portion for advancement.

 The system works by having members wear a heart-rate monitoring belt that sends their readings to screens around the club in real-time. Through a series of personalized, color-coded tiles, users always know precisely what heart-rate zone they are in at any given moment during their workout, allowing them to put in optimum effort to obtain maximum results. This data is recorded within the user’s online personal activity report, accessible either through the MYZONE website or the free MYZONE app, allowing them to log in at any time to see how close they are to reaching their goals. 5) Date/time frame when MYZONE will be available - MYZONE Physical Activity Belts will be available for purchase starting in October and will use personalized heart rate readings to inform e